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Paul Korda Music


 The Message

I received this kind message, as I myself am going through crippling disabilty and am facing the last laps of my life. They made me realize that my next life will be living without limitations in the realm of Music.

Dear Paul Korda,

My name is Malte and my friend's name is Bengt-Ake. We are both multi-handicapped (disabled) and require assistance with most daily necessities. We live at a boring facility for people with special needs. Our lives are difficult, hopeless, dark, unhappy. Our parents left us behind here when we were very young (age 6). They have never shown up since then, 23 years ago. Not even for birthdays, Christmases. Not even a card. We hardly get any visitors either. We are left behind, forgotten.

No matter, music is a kind of medicine to us, a relief from our daily darkness, even a drug! We love your sound, lots! Your In The Key Of See is very appealing. That's why we write you. To let you know that. You deserve it.

Moreover, we know that you are probably very busy, but we were wondering if you posssibly would have the kindness to sign one autograph for my friend, and one autograph for me, if you have the time. Preferably on pictures of you, if at all possible. Our personal assistant promised us to have them framed and placed on the walls in our rooms. If you do.

In case you decide to send us your autographs, you will truly enlighten our darkness, and make us outstandingly happy and grateful from the bottoms of our hearts. Our lives will feel less obnoxious and dark. It would be so nice for us to look at your autographed pictures, when listening to your music, and also feel the warmth of your kind compassion.





     Copyright (c) Paul Korda 2004