Paul Korda Photos

Opening Night HAiR 2011 Pantages Theater Hollywood
40th Anniversary: Summer of Love Golden Gate Park ''HAiR''
Pirates of the Caribbean 1 & 2


HAiR Opening Night Pantages January 6th 2011

"This was a truly emotional experience for me, for not only did my friend Gerry Ragni's life live on through the amazing performance by Steel Burkhardt, but also this cast made the issues that the original show made as current about War, the environment, Love and individuality. From the time Gerry and I danced around Berkeley Square in a London downpour, singing "Singing in the Rain" on my first trip, his and Jim's dream live on."  Paul Korda

1968 Musical HAiR's Paul Korda meets 2010's Broadway star  Paul Korda with Donna D'Errico of "Baywatch"            Paul Korda and Original LA tribe's Papi Hunt
Steel Burkhardt at The Pantages Theater, Hollywood on
                                   January 6th 2011.


        Paul Korda with former US tribe casts of the musical HAiR              Paul Korda unlocks the door to Peace and Love!                   

Paul Korda on stage

HAiR finale on stage


Photos: 40th Anniversary: Summer of Love Golden Gate Park ''HAiR''

Here are some pictures taken by Raymond Van Tassel during the Original "HAiR'' casts rehearsals and performance in Golden Gate Park at the free festival attended by at least 50,000 people.


Sonja Kristina (Mask, Curved Air) and Paul Korda were members of the Original London Cast of ''HAiR''
                                                       and hadn't seen each other for 39 years!








Pirates of the Caribbean 1 & 2

As promised, here are some pictures of the background actors decked out in their costumes for Pirates of the Caribbean:Dead Man's Chest in between takes, enjoying a break on the Palos Verdes peninsular.

                                                               A distant view of the location

                       Governor Swann's entourage                            Paul Korda pondering the High Seas

                                                                Erica Swanson and Paul Korda


                                   The picturesque coastline of the peninsular and the marines on a break

                             James Groh                                                                                   Alex Hall

                                                       Nothing quite like a 21st century seat

                                                              The Royal Coachmen take a break

                                                                   A girl of a Pirate's dreams

These pictures are just part of the atmosphere of a movie that undoubtedly you will be thrilled by. The professionalism of every-one involved is a sure sign of an epic in the making, and I certainly am proud to be associated with. I hope you enjoy the pictures and look forward to you experiencing "Pirates of the Caribbean:Dead Man's Chest".



Also, here are some pictures that friends and  I took while working on Pirates of the Caribbean:Curse of the Black Pearl


Even though we were all up at the crack of dawn, there was a natural excitement about working in period costumes and sets, that made us feel we were reliving those days of the Pirates, even if the sunglasses and cigarettes were a little out of the period!         



                             The Governors Dignitaries: John Crawford, myself, and James Groh                 


                                       A 6:30 am, after breakfast view of the 'upscale' townsfolk


At the start of the movie, the sword for the new commander of the fort is taken from the Governors mansion (miniature on the right, the actual blue screened structure on left) to the investiture, by a horse drawn coach. 


                                     Another day, I played one of the townsfolk

                                               I hope you've enjoyed the pix.

                                 If you feel like getting an album, be my guest!