Paul Korda Discography                 
7" Singles


"Go On Home" (Korda) "Just Come Closer to me" (Korda-Spyropolous)  Paul Korda 
Production: Mike Smith  Columbia DB7994 

"Emergency 999" (Korda) The Alan Bown Set  Pye 7N17192


"Never My Love" (the Association)  "All of the Time" (Korda) Hans Christian     
Production: Paul Korda  Parlophone 5676 

(The Autobiography Of) Mississippi Hobo (Korda)/Sonata Of Love (Korda) Hans Christian  
Production: Paul Korda  Parlophone R 5698

"The Time has Come" (Korda) PP Arnold   Immediate Records IM55 (Top 50 UK pop charts)

"But I Know" (Korda) Normie Rowe  Polydor/Sunshine QK 1820

"Emergency 999" (Korda) Alan Bown Set,  Pye Records 


"Something about Suburbia"(Thomas)  "Your Tea is Strong" (Andrews) Tim Andrews 
Production: Paul Korda  Parlophone R

"Sarah Jane" (Forray) "Don't Care Anymore" (Forray) Andy Forray 
Production: Paul Korda Parlophone R5715

"Smile If You Want To" (Korda-Andrews) "Making Love to Him" (Korda-Andrews) Tim Andrews & Paul Korda  Production: Paul Korda  Parlophone R5714 

"Angel Face" (Korda-Andrews) "Waiter Get Me A Drink" (Korda-Andrews) Tim Andrews & Paul Korda  Production: Paul Korda  Parlophone R 5746 

"My Kingdom Cannot Lose" ((Cowell-Toomey) "What Did We Miss" (Korda) Still Life  
Production: Paul Korda  Columbia DB 8345 

"True-To-Life" (Morgan) "Dawning" (Morgan) David Morgan  
Production: Paul Korda Parlophone R5692


"How Many More Hearts Must Be Broken" (Korda-Andrews) "Discovery" (Korda-Andrews) Tim Andrews & Paul Korda  Production: Paul Korda  Parlophone R 5769  

 "Seagull (the West coast oil tragedy)" (Korda) "Night of the Next Day" (Korda)  Paul Korda  
Production: Paul Korda  Parlophone R5778

"Seagull" (Korda) Love Sculpture EMI

"Foggy Tuesday"(Korda-Saker)  Ooh Nana Na" (Korda-Saker) Bob Saker  
Production: Paul Korda  Parlophone R 5740

"Hey Joe" (Roberts)  "Constantly" (Saker) Bob Saker  
Production: Paul Korda  Parlophone R5752


"Between the Road" (Korda)  "English Country Garden" (Korda)  Paul Korda          
Production: Paul Korda & Vic Smith  Paul Korda, MAM1971    

"L’Amour C’est Ca, L’Amour C’est Toi” (Korda-Tahar) Mike Brant United Artistes  
(No.1  22 weeks, France)


"Written on the Wind" (Korda) Roger Daltrey  Goldhawke/Polydor Top 50UK/Australia (Piano)


"More Than A Friend" (Korda)  "Alone Together" (Korda)  Paul Korda 
Production: Spencer Davis & Paul Korda  Janus 277
"Out of Gas" (Korda)   "To be Born Again" (Korda)  Paul Korda  RCA 11645
Production: Paul Korda 


- Albums/CDs

1968 FIRST LADY OF IMMEDIATE PP Arnold "The Time has Come" (Korda) "Something Beautiful Happened" (Korda)  Immediate Record
1968 PATTY PRAVO Patty Pravo, "Se Perdo Te" (Korda/Bardotti) - ARC ALP 1009
Ruggero Cini e La Sua Orchestra
1968 HAIR Original London Cast LP Decca Records (Main Performer-Vocals)
Vocals : Maxine Nightingale, Vocals : Sonja Kristina, Vocals : Paul Korda, Vocals : Annabel Leventon, Vocals : Michael Feast, Guitar: Alex Harvey, Vocals : John Gulliver, Vocals : Rohan McCullough, Guitar (Bass): Laurie Baker, Drums: Peter Woolf, Vocals : Paul Nicholas, Vocals : Diane Langton, Vocals : Kookie Eaton, Vocals : Cindy Ann Lee, Flugelhorn: Terry Noonan, Vocals : Joanne White, Vocals : Colette Kelly, Vocals : Peter Straker, Compilation: Peter Knight, Flugelhorn: Barbara Thompson, Guitar: Mickey Keene, Vocals : Pam Douglas, Vocals : Jimmy Winston, Vocals : Elaine Paige, Vocals : Sheila Wilkinson, Vocals : Gloria Stewart, Flugelhorn: Derek Andrews, Vocals : Lucy Fenwick, Vocals : Junior Kerr, Vocals : Oliver Tobias, Keyboards: Maurice Cockerill Vocals : Gary Hamilton, Vocals : Ena Cabayo, Vocals : Marsha Hunt, Vocals : Vincent Edwards, Musical Director, Trombone: Derek Wadsworth, Vocals : Paul Burns, Vocals : Liz White, Vocals : Ethel Coley Vocals : Amanda Moore, Vocals : Linda Kendrick, Vocals : Leighton Robinson, Vocals : Andy Forray, Vocals : Limbert Spencer, Tuba: Bud Parks, Producer: Norrie Paramor. 
1970 DADA Atlantic Records 
Vocals: Paul Korda, Vocals: Elkie Brooks, Vocals & percussion: Jimmy Chambers, Guitar & Bass: Pete Gage, Tenor Sax & Flute: Malcolm Capewell, Keyboards, organ & vibes: Don Shinn, Alto, baritone sax & flute: Barry Duggan, Drums, percussion: Martyn Harryman, Trumpet & Flugelhorn: Ernie Luchlan
1971 PASSING STRANGER Paul Korda MAM Records
Main Performer, Songs, Vocals: Paul Korda, Guitar: Chris Spedding,  Bass, Guitar, Vocals: Alan Gorrie,  Vocals: Nanette Newman, Madeline Bell, Doris Troy, Guitars: Onnie Mcintyre Andy Roberts, Ray Russell,  Keyboards: Jonathan Coudrille,  Mike Storey  Drums: Rob Tait
Produced by Paul Korda & Vic Smith

1972 WOMAN Mike McGear
Main Performer, Vocals: Mike McGear
Main Performer, Vocals: Mike McCartney!
Vocals: Alan Gorrie, Strings, Strings: Centipede Strings, Vocals: Paul Korda, Vocals: Steve Gould, Horn: Malcolm Duncan, Keyboards: Brian Auger, Bass: Dave Richards, Keyboards: John Megginson, Guitar: Andy Roberts, Harmonica: Norman Yardley, Horns: Cecil Moss, Michael Rosen, Roger Ball, Tony Coe, Keyboards: Zoot Money, Percussion: Ginger Johnson, Horn: Chris Pyne, Drums: Gerry Conway

1975 RIDE A ROCK HORSE Roger Daltrey Goldhawke/PolydorRecords 
"Heart's Right" (Korda), "Feeling" (Korda), "The World Over" (Korda)
Lead Vocal: Roger Daltrey, Trumpet: Alan Bown, Piano, Vocals: Paul Korda 
Brass Arrangement: :John Barham, Drums: Stewart Francis, 
 Percussion, Strings, Conga, Brass, Woodwind: Tony Meehan 
Soloist: Nick Newell, Drums: Henry Spinetti, Bass: Dave Wintour, Saxophone: Phil Kenzie,
Guitar: Clem Clemson, Organ, Guitar, Piano, Keyboards, Producer, Brass Arrangement:
Russ Ballard 
1978 ONE OF THE BOYS Roger Daltrey Goldhawke/Polydor Records
Written on the Wind" (Korda)
Guitars: Jimmy McCulloch, Alvin Lee, Paul Keogh, Piano: Rod Argent, Paul Korda, Bass: John Entwistle, Brian Odgers, Saxophone: Phil Kenzie, Jimmy Jewell, Background Vocals: Tony Rivers, John Frederick Perry, Stuart Calver, Drums: Stuart Tosh,  Arranger: Tony Meehan
1979 DANCING IN THE AISLES Paul Korda Janus Records
Main Performer, Vocals: Paul Korda
Guitar: Chris Pinnick
Bass: Charlie Harrison
Drums: Mark D. Sanders
Saxophone: Phil Kenzie
French Horn: Bill Lamb
Percussion: Steve Foreman
Background Vocals: The Waters
Producers: Spencer Davis & Paul Korda
1983 ROAD GAMES Allan Holdsworth & IOU Warner Brothers Jeff Berlin: Bass
Jack Bruce: Vocals
Allan Holdsworth: Guitar
Paul Korda: Backing Vocals
Joe Turano: Backing Vocals
Chad Wackerman: Drums
Paul Williams: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals
Production: Allan Holdsworth

1985 METAL FATIGUE Allan Holdsworth & IOU Enigma Records 
In The Mystery (Paul Korda/Allan Holdsworth)
Windows Media Real Audio
Allan Holdsworth (guitar) Paul Williams, Paul Korda (vocals) Alan Pasqua (keyboards) Jimmy Johnson, Gary Willis (bass), Chad Wackerman, Mac Hine, Gary Husband (drums). 
Production: Allan Holdsworth

1992 HOPE & GLORY Four Seasons with Frankie Valli Curb Records “Run for Your Life” (Korda)
Main Performer: The Four Seasons, Rap: Chuck Wilson Choir, Chorus, Vocals: Alfred McCrary Vocals (Background): Robin Swenson, Keyboard Programming, Vocals (Background): Bob Gaudio, Guitar: Robert Sobo, Choir, Chorus, Vocals: Sandra Sobo, Vocals (Background): Tim Stone, Vocal Ad-Libs, Vocals: Jean Johnson, Keyboard Programming, Synclavier: Morgan Winters, Choir, Chorus, Vocals: Reggie Burrell, Choir, Chorus, Vocals: Alfie Silas, Choir, Chorus, Vocals: Rick Nelson, Vocals: Maxi Anderson, Vocals: Carla Itendall, Choir, Chorus: Maxine Anderson, Vocals: Carla Kendall, Drum Programming, Vocals (Background): Jerry Corbetta, Keyboard Programming: Paul Korda, Vocals (Background): Rex Robinson, Choir, Chorus, Vocals: Von Fajjet, Mixing: Nigel Wright, Mixing: Anthony d'Amico, Keyboard Programming, Vocals (Background): Nathalie Archangel, Choir, Chorus, Vocals: Sam McCrary, Drums: Jack Kelly, Keyboard Programming: Bob Thiele, Mixing: Rick Holbrook, Programming, Keyboards: Robbie Robinson, Choir, Chorus, Vocals: Rick Riso, Drum Programming: Gerry Polci, Rap: Charlie Wilson, Choir, Chorus, Vocals: Yvonne Williams, Vocals (Background): Larry Lingle, Vocals (Background): Frankie Valli, Vocals (Background): Mike Lingle, Vocals (Background): Rex Robertson.
1994 BEYOND THE DARKNESS Paul Korda & the 32ndStreet/ USC Childrens Choir 
Holiday greetings CD to benefit the Magnet School program for the Performing arts 
Vocals: The children of the 32nd Street/USC Choir, Choir director: Paul Johnson, Vocal: Paul Korda, Keyboard and arranger: J. Peter Robinson, Guitar: Mike Miller
Production:  Paul Korda
Recorded at A&M Studio A
1998 I CAPOLAVORI Patty Pravo “Se Perdo Te” (Korda-Bardotti) new version top 10 Italy RTI Records
1998 MARTYRS & MADMEN The Best of Roger Daltrey "The World Over" (Paul Korda)
Rhino Records
Main Performer, Vocals: Roger Daltrey Piano: Paul Korda, Keyboards: Rod Argent, Engineer: Dana Gorbun Drums: Dave Mattacks, Bass: John Siegler, Guitar: Jo Partridge Producer, Piano: David Courtney, Percussion: Tony Carr, Ebo: Bruce Watson, Guitar (Steel): Brian Cole, Brass Arrangement: Steve Gray, Engineer: Judy Szekely, Producer, Keyboards: Mike Thorne, Guitar: Ricky Hitchcock, Bass: Dave Markee, Guitar: Chris Spedding, Bass: John Entwistle, Drums: Kevin Jones, Engineer: Noel Harris, Engineer: Cy Langston, Keyboards: Mick Gallagher, Keyboards: Steve Rance, Engineer: Mark Dodson, Drums: Stuart Elliott, Engineer: Mark Wallis Brass Arrangement: Jeff Wayne, Bass: Dave Wintour, Percussion: Martin Ditcham, Harmony Vocals: Mark Williamson, Saxophone: Jimmy Jewel, Bass: Tony Butler, Vocals (Background): Annie McCaig, Remastering: Bill Inglot, Piano: Phillip Goodhand-Tait, Keyboards: Nick Glennie-Smith, Keyboards: John Van Tongeren, Vocals (Background): Tony Rivers, Guitar: Hank Marvin, Remastering: Dan Hersch, Engineer: Nigel Walker, Producer, Keyboards: Alan Shacklock, Bass: Herbie Flowers, Engineer: Mark Willis, Drums: Mark Brzezicki, Engineer: Lincoln Clapp, Engineer: John Jansen, Guitar: Chas Sandford, Engineer: Richard Dodd, Engineer: Nick Walker Saxophone: Phil Kenzie, Producer: Adam Faith, Engineer: John Brand, Guitar: Paul Keogh, String Arrangements: Del Newman, Bass: Brian Odgers, Remixing: Jon Astley, Remixing: Philip Chapman, Engineer: Will Reid-Dick, , Drums: Kenney Jones, Producer, Woodwind: Tony Meehan, Engineer: Roger Dopson, Brass Arrangement, Guitar: Russ Ballard, Engineer: Chris Dickie, (Background): Billy Nicholls, Sax (Tenor): Michael Brecker, Saxophone: Phil Kenzie, Drums: Stewart Francis, Vocals (Background): John Perry, Bass: Norman Watt Roy Engineer: Will Gosling, Vocals (Background): John Payne, Drums: Stuart Tosh, Flute: Ron Aspery, Guitar: Alvin Lee, Guitar: Robbie McIntosh, Engineer: Geoff Young, Engineer: Paul Batchelor, Percussion: Frank Ricotti Drums: Tony Beard, Vocals (Background): Stuart Calver, Engineer: Harvey Goldberg, Engineer: Alan Douglas, Engineer: Phil McDonald, Keyboards: John "Rabbit" Bundrick, Engineer: Laurence Diana, Art Direction: Hugh Brown, Guitar: Jimmy McCulloch, Drums: Allan Schwartzberg, Engineer: Don Wershba, Guitar: Pete Townshend, Vocals (Background): John Parr, Guitar: Dave "Clem" Clempson, Drums: Robert Henrit, Guitar: Gary Grainger, Keyboards: Ken Freeman.  
1998 BYE BYE PATTY Patty Pravo
"Se Perdo Te" Live version (Paul Korda-Sergio Bardotti)
1998 20th ANNIVERSAIRE Mike Brant    “L’Amour C’est Ca, L’Amour C’est Toi” (Korda-Tahar)  EMI Records  No.2 France
2003 MIKE BRANT “Lamour C’est Ca, L’Amour C’est Toi” (Korda-Tahar) reissue EMI Records
2003 NOT FOR ROBOTS Paul Korda -
All songs and instruments/production/album artwork by Paul Korda
Pirates of the Caribbean No.1 Europop  and No. 6 Pop MP3 chart.
2005 CANZONI STUPENDE (Wonderful Songs) CD/DVD Patty Pravo
Re-release "Se Perdo Te" (Paul Korda-Sergio Bardotti) Original version and DVD concert

2008 SEEDS Paul Korda
Paul Korda, songs, arrangements, keyboards, vocals.
Chris Spedding, guitar
Alan J. Kroll, alto saxophone
Jeremy Upton, guitar (Beyond Your Wildest Dreams)
Matt Beal, guitar (I Wait for You)

Artwork: Paul Korda


"Se Perdo Te"
(Korda/Bardotti) Italian version of "The Time has Come" (Paul Korda)
No.1 iTunes Italy, No.3 FIMI Album Charts





2009  ORCHESTRA E VOCE Francesco Renga
"Se Perdo Te" (Korda/Bardotti) Italian version of "The Time has Come" (Paul Korda)
Top Ten Italian F.I.M.I Album chart





2009 EARLY YEARS Paul Korda
Paul Korda, songs, arrangements, keyboards, vocals.
Allan Holdsworth: Guitars on "Living in the Sky"
John Goodsall: Guitar on "Living for the Moon" (Korda/Goodsall)
Michael Miller : Guitar on "Stuntman"
J.Peter Robinson: Keyboard on "Stuntman"
Ric Parnell: Drums on "Living for the Moon"

Lou Castro: Bass Guitar on "Living in the Sky", "Stuntman", "Loving Emotion"
Merry Stewart: Keyboards on "Living in the Sky", Loving Emotion", "Stuntman"
John Marshall: Drums on "Stuntman","Loving Emotion"
Doug Lunn: Bass Guitar on "Living for the Moon"
Snowy White: Guitar on "Wonderful"
Nic Potter: Bass Guitar on "Wonderful"
Richard Bailey on "Wonderful"
Artwork: Merrin Parsonette

9 IN THE KEY OF SEE Paul Korda
Paul Korda, piano, keyboards, vocal, Ric Parnell, drums, Kurtiss Teel, Doug Lunn, bass guitar, John Goodsall, Chris Pinnick, Blondie Chaplin, guitar, Paul Delph, David Kafinetti, Keyboards, Phil Kenzie, saxophone.
Dave Jerdan, Richard Digby-Smith, Engineers, Nadya Bell, 2nd Engineer
Recorded at Eldorado Recording Studios and One Step Up Studios, Hollywood,  California

Artwork: Paul Korda