Paul Korda "ROOTS & SHOOTS"


In 1972 Paul Korda took a chance at making "Roots & Shoots, speculatively. With the aid of various friends and their musician friends, he managed to get time at Olympic Studios in Barnes, a suburb of London, where many great bands, the likes of The Rolling Stones and others, made their records.
In a matter of a couple of days, he laid down these tracks with Musicians Allan Gorrie (Bass Guitar), Onnie McIntyre (Guitar), Malcolm Duncan (Sax), the late Robbie McIntosh (Drums) and Mike Rosen (Trumpet) and they together with ultimate Pedal Steel guitarist Glen "Fernando" Campbell,  and Pianist Jean Alain Rousel, breezed through the following eight songs.
Paul couldn't afford to complete the album, so he sold most of his belongings, and took off with an acetate of the tracks to Los Angeles, to try and get interest for funding it's continuation.
Within a week, a major label and their publisher were keen to sign Paul and the album, but on the day he was waiting for a limo to take him to the labels lot, he found out that a prior publisher, who had never paid Paul on several hits, had been bought out of bankruptcy, and the new publisher, who Paul had never met, called the interested labels publisher in LA and told them to "keep their hands off our writer".
The result? The label, without speaking to Paul, just dropped the deal!
Paul returned heartbroken to London, and having sold everything, had to overcome his difficulties.
The tapes were nowhere to be found, so Paul hadn't heard the album for 42 years, until two weeks ago,
Christer Backhage, who lives in Sweden, who had followed Paul's career for years, bought an acetate on the web, and recently sent him a CDR copy. Paul has EQ'd and tried to compensate for the surface scratches. He thought that even with the scratches, there's some interesting music and wants you to share in "Roots & Shoots".

All songs are written by Paul Korda
All Rights Reserved by Paul Korda Music
Not to be copied without permission

1. Take Me Yonder  

2.High in the Morning

3.Black Depression

4. My Moon

5. Cry


7. You're the Only Rainbow

8. Do Me

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